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Mr. Urs earned a MS from the University of Texas and a BS from Georgetown University.Previously, Mr. Urs is currently Charge d’ Affaires of the US Embassy in Madrid, Spain, where he was also the Deputy Chief of Mission. Urs served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Affairs and Chief US Government Aviation Negotiator at the Department of State from November 2010 until June 2014.S..
Urs has specialised in economic issues and developed extensive policy experiencein the Andean region of South America.A career service American diplomat since 1986, Mr. He speaks fluent Spanish as well as some Hindi and Telugu.U.He has served at seven US embassies as well in senior leadership positions

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in Washington, DC, a media release said. President Donald Trump has appointed Indian-American Krishna R Urs as the new US Ambassador to Peru.During his three decades of State Department service, Mr.He has also served as Director in the Office of Aviation Negotiations in the Bureau of Economic, Energy and Business Affairs in the Department of State, Charge d’ Affaires, at the US Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, Deputy Chief of Mission at the same embassy, Director of the Office of Economic Policy and Summit Coordination in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs at the Department of State.
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Advisory Committee

  Rajnath Singh said he would personally intervene wherever required for implementation of the Advisory Committee recommendations.   The Advisory Committee meeting discussed issues of connectivity like air, shipping, and internet in Lakshadweep in detail when its members, associated with the Home Ministry, suggested 79 agenda items

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relating to different fields of development and security in the islands.The meeting was attended by Minister of State for Home Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, Lakshdweep Minister P.  As per the statement, internet connectivity in Lakshadweep will be improved from 106 Mbps to 318 Mbps, which is to be further improved by laying optical fibre cable, which is under process. The Home Minister expressed satisfaction on the implementation of different central schemes, such as Housing for All, Aadhaar enrolment, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, renewable energy, PAHAL, National Health Mission and the banking facilities. Mohammed Faizal, Secretary of Lakshadweep Tariz Tomas, and senior Home Ministry officials.P.  It was decided that shipping, port and harbour infrastructure should be improved substantially for which a perspective plan (2015-2030) having, inter alia, provision of induction of 13 ships and vessels, has been given no objection by the Shipping Ministry and the Home Ministry would soon take a decision on it, it said.
Agreeing with their request, the Home Minister directed that air connectivity infrastructure be strengthened and facilities increased, and the matters should be taken up with the Civil Aviation Ministry, the statement said.The matters relating to land compensation, filling up of vacant posts, education, drinking water supply, power (especially clean energy), tourism, fisheries, industries, coastal security and implementation of advance agriculture technologies, including polyhouses, drip and sprinkler irrigation were also discussed in the meeting.
The members thanked Rajnath Singh for increased pace of development in the islands, particularly on issues related to shipping, health, power, and drinking water supply and hoped for speedy development in all sectors. He asked Ministry officials to take up all inter-ministerial matters with Ministries concerned and the Lakshadweep administration for implementation in a time-bound manner.  IANSrak/tsb/dgPost Source: Ians feed.Rajnaths instructions came at an Advisory Committee meeting for Lakshadweep here, a Ministry statement said.New Delhi, July 13 (IANS) Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday directed Ministry officials to strengthen infrastructure with regard to air connectivity in Lakshdweep.

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One of them being

 One of them being the risk of cancer. Texting also keeps the radiation source further away from your brain.Watch the bars:Can you hear me now? If you’re struggling to maintain a connection, ditch the call and wait until you have better service.. Few Things to reduce cancer risk in this excessive use of cell phones world:Use a headset:Sounds obvious, but headsets emit much less radiation than cell phones do, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and they keep your cell phone away from your head.Don’t make calls in elevators or cars:You already know it’s dangerous to talk and drive; some research says that cell phones use more power to establish a connection in enclosed metal spaces like cars and elevators.
Excess of anything is not good for us.Texting:Your constantly texting are onto something: Cell phones use less energy (and emit less radiation) when you text than when you talk, says the EWG. When your phone

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has fewer signal bars, it has to work harder (and, therefore, emit more radiation) to connect. Especially when we look at technology, we notice that on one side they have helped us modernize and do the impossible, while on the side it has had various negative effects as well.
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